Danny Keith MkSmith (vw_bus_hippie) wrote in buddhaisyourmom,
Danny Keith MkSmith

more rightious hippie rage...

I heartily dislike Valentine's Day. I believe that if you love someone, you shouldn't need a specific day in order to express how you feel. I heartily dislike how corporations have capitalized on a precious human emotion through Valenine's Day. Love can't be bought with cards and candy.

i also heartily dislike how I feel a bit bitter this Valentine's Day. I'm letting old memories haunt me. I need to stop.

For all you couples, enjoy this bastard holiday. But just remember that it doesn't mean a thing to me.
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I hate these people who bitch at you because you want to complain. They get mad at you because you're not like them. Fucking snobs that think everyone should be happy. what about the people who cant? I would write more but I'm trying to get someone to stop talking to me.